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Is 50 really such a big number? Yes, it is!

17 Mar

I have realised today that I have reached 50 posts since the beginning of the year when I first began this blog. Now I know that there have been more than 50 days since the year began, but for me to have kept this up for as long as I have, is a big deal for me. In all truth, the commitment-phobe in me never actually expected to reach 5 blog posts, let alone 50, so I am actually quite proud to have made it this far! In my very first PostADayblog post, I outlined the fact that I would most likely have trouble doing this – I predicted there would be tears, tantrums, laptop-throwing, and one obsessively clean flat ( NONE of which happened, I might add!) . Having said that, it hasn’t been the easiest task, and I have skipped many a day, but overall the experience  has been a wonderful one! Starting this blog has been enriching, a way of branching out of my comfort zone, and doing something different for myself. I have found the courage to express what I have wanted to say, and I hope that I can continue to build on this and all the other ideas that I have, to keep it going for another 50 posts, and another 50 after that, and so on until the end of the year! So if you are a regular reader of my little blog tucked away into this tiny corner of cyber-space, thank you for tuning into my musings, I hope to be able to keep entertaining you for a while longer! Or, if you are just passing through, I appreciate you taking the time to make my blog a pit-stop on your travels!


Abandoned Blog? Creativity Block…

19 Feb

I have a look at the dates on my blog-posts, and I can’t believe I have fallen off the blogging band-wagon – even if it has only been for 7 days. This past week has been very difficult for me, creative-wise, and I found that the first thing to go has been the regular writing of this blog. So I am making an effort, even if its to write a few lines, to prove to myself that even thought I am having a bit of a tough-busy-uninspired-creative-killer-mood time, and the last thing I feel like doing  is typing out the words I am now, I must keep going. Often I have heard it said that once you begin, the words just flow and you end up writing more than you thought you could possibly write – that your story, or in this case, blog-post, will write itself, and you will say what it is you needed to say.

At this moment, I don’t have much to say – I am sitting here, staring out the window, listening to Damien Rice ( an Irish singer who performs some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard), and Moby, contemplating life, with an open copy of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath by my side, my moleskine notebook to record my favorite passages, and of course my laptop open, where I am both typing this, and sporadically working on an autobiographical piece for my writing class. This is also not coming together. I have been writing it for the better part of a week, and all I have managed is 800 words and  not much else. Now, this is not usually like me – I can usually type out as much as I can speak, which is often a never-ending stream of words, that no matter how jumbled and nonsensical they seem, I can always manage to at least edit them into something intelligible, but with this piece I am suffering a severe case of writers block. Nothing wants to be written, nothing wants to run together, words simply do not want to link hands and sprint to my finish line. So I will sit here some more, and listen to some more music, and wait patiently for my inspiration to strike.

If anyone else has been coming up against creative hurdles, or has any suggestions to overcome them, I would love to hear from you!

Jack Kerouac – Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

26 Jan

As those of you who personally know me are too well aware of, Jack Kerouac is my favourite writer. Actually, that’s an understatement – I absolutely idolise the man and his work, and was thrilled to bits when I found Atop an Underwood, Early Stories and Other Wrtings in a hole-in-the-wall bookshop yesterday. But what caught my eye about this particular book, besides the fact it contains a lot of his early work which I haven’t read ( so exciting) is the quote on the back cover. Being someone who often writes, and struggles with the whole process – from ideas, to fleshing out the story, to worrying about whether my characters and their dramas are believeable ( or not), I found the following inspiring, and hope that when doubts, writer’s block, and discouragement strike, that we can take heart from the following, and know that despite the odds, we can do it!

” Remember above all things, Kid, that to write is not difficult, not painful, that is comes out of you with ease, that you can whip up a little tale in no time, that when you are sincere about it, that when you want to impress a truth, it is not difficult, not painful, but easy,graceful, full of smooth power, as if you were a writing machine with a store of literature that is boundless, enormous, endless, and rich. For it is true; this is so. Do not forget it in your gloomier moments. Make your stuff warm, drive it home American-wise, don’t mind critics, don’t mind the stuffy academic theses of scholars, they don’t know what they are talking about, they’re way off the track, they’re cold; you’re warm, you’re red-hot, you can write all day, you know what you know….”.