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Random Inspiration

19 Jun

Even though I have been away for a while, this blog post is proof that I am still alive and kickin’! Life has been a little difficult lately, but despite the setbacks, I am still finding time for myself  and my creativity. I took myself on a little tour of my room yesterday, attempting to find inspiration for my next little projects. This is what I found….

Pastel-coloured socks and buttons for the making of my sock-monkeys….

Pretty flamingo card I picked up at a Sunday market – I fell in love with the candy-sweet colours!

Skull brooch by Pegeggleg, an Edinburgh artist whose work I LOVE! I have named my skull Skeletor, and he currently resides on my vintage dressing table, too cute to be worn just yet!

Hand-made teddy-rabbit, so sweet. So much care has been put into creating these! The cute little details below are awesome!

This illustration belongs to a flyer promoting a reggae club night. I saw it and everything about it made me want to pull out pen and paper and create my own quirky characters! 


My Owl Barn: Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

9 Jan

Mooching around on my cyber-travels, I have come across this website, My Owl Barn, which not only offers a free downloadable Owl Calender 2011, but lets you customise it, with a selection of different images to create your own look. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have one, as the images are too cute, and are perfectly vintage-inspired. I’d thought I share it with everybody, so if you are so inclined, you can download yours too. Enjoy!   (click on image)