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Lolly Buttons!

19 May

A little something for a random Thursday – me playing around with my photos! ┬áThese little buttons I bought really do look good enough to eat! Those pastel colours make them look like lolly buttons – yum!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

14 Mar


A photo of my lovely house keys on a backdrop on some of my musings

Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadow

7 Mar

I took this photo at Roslyn Chapel in Scotland. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the shadow of the construction support beams surrounding the chapel ( it is currently being restored) caught my attention.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Boundaries

9 Feb

This photo of these ‘ foxtails’ were taken in the Atacama Desert in Chile in March last year. They created the perfect boundary between the oasis where they were growing and the rest of the barren Atacama Desert. The incredible colour contrast between the sky and the foxtails is what inspired me to take this picture.

Winter Wonderland

7 Feb

Even though it hasn’t snowed like this in Edinburgh for a few weeks, I thought I’d share the memory as the weather gets colder again. This was taken at the park just down the road from my flat – it was a beautiful afternoon and the snow was freshly fallen from the night before. All was still and quiet, and frosty – so peaceful.