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Goin’ Dutch with Kamiel Proost

29 Jan

As I have been back from Amsterdam for more than a week now, I will begin to share my adventures, and the many things I experienced, places I went, and things I saw.

One of the many memorable experiences was the discovery of the Dutch artist Kamiel Proost. I came across his paintings in an interesting store by the name of Consious Dreams, conveniently located in the centre of the famed Red Light District, as I was pottering around the streets late one night. Now, even though the store looks quite innocent from the street – complete with a gold Santa display in the window, once inside I realised this was no ordinary store. While I may not have been on the search for any of the  ‘highs’ the store had to offer, the paintings on display were enough to keep grab my attention, and keep me in the store for more than a while longer.

Proost’s work took me as soon as I saw it – rows and rows of his paintings and poster reproductions line the wall. What is so arresting about his work, besides the out-of-this-world, fantastic subject matter, are the myriad explosions of colour, and his incredibly unique style – the amount of detail in some of his paintings is astounding. Born and raised in Amsterdam, Kamiel is inspired by psychedelics, and aims to promote these and his unique ideals through his work.

If you like the look of the below paintings -Dali Heaven, Music Express, The Ship of Fools, and White Rabbit  ( these are my favorites! I particularly covet The Ship of Fools, but sadly the painting is not for sale – I may have to settle on a reproduction,IF I can lay my hands on one, no luck yet!), then click on the images below.