My World

25 Random Things

I know that this has been circulating on facebook, and a few other places, but because I am a total lover of lists, and literally compile hundreds, I thought that I would share 25 Random Things about me.

1. I was born in the south of Chile in a small town called Talca – in the country. So even though I am a city girl – I am a country-girl at heart

2. I have double-jointed thumbs

3. I dream of being able to complete a Rubik’s Cube

4. I had never played a game of Scrabble in my life until  3 months ago at the tender age of 27….and won!

5. I am a Water Dog, according to my Chinese Astrological Birth Sign

6. I am the only person I know who has a huge aversion to chatting online – MSN, facebook chat, chatrooms – and cannot tolerate chatting via Webcam . Ever.

7. I had plans to formally study Visual Arts at university once I finished high school, but changed my mind at the last minute

8. I love ice-cream sandwiches!

9. I had my first kiss at 6 years old with my first ‘boyfriend’ in the school playground in front of about 10 other kids

10. I am a night-owl. I rarely go to bed before 3 am every night. Even if I have to get up early

11. I have a crush on Taylor Lautner – yes, I know he is so, so young!

12. I have a fear of butterflies

13.  I collect postcards of every city I’ve been too, and treasure each and everyone. They will be my reminders for when I become older

14. I believe M&M colours all taste different…despite knowing that the colours are only that…colouring

15. If I was given a ultimatum between marriage and travel, show me the plane ticket, and I’m gone

16.  Despite this, I dream of finding true love

17. I continue to be mystified by the fact that the sinks in my flat have two separate taps – one for the cold water, and one for the hot water. What ever happened to one tap and warm water?

18. The only movie I’ve ever cried in was The Never-Ending Story as a child. And because of this, I have never watched it since, afraid it may happen again

19. I am addicted to bran flakes – plain, dry bran flakes. I could eat it all day, every day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and would have no problems with it at all. Everyone says I have a problem – I consider it a food-group

20.I may appear Miss Independent, but sometimes I just want to be looked after

21. I have Harry-Potter envy! And really, really wish it was me who wrote the books – they are absolute genius. I sit in The Elephant Cafe in Edinburgh, where JK Rowling wrote part of the books, and write, in the hope that some of the magic of the place may rub off on me!

22. I always get asked if my eyelashes are real or extensions. They are real and all mine

23. ‘Friday I’m in Love’ by The Cure is my favourite song ever

24. I had a Troll Doll obsession as a kid, and as a result I own 50 Troll Dolls. And yes, I still have them. And no, I never cut their hair

25. I speak to my dog as if he was a little child, and I swear he understands!


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