24 Mar

So I’ve been away for a few days. Mostly to finish wrapping up my creative writing course ( which was brilliant, yay!), but also to get my head together and figure out what I am going to do next. Not being one to rest on my laurels for long, I am already looking at other avenues to continue my creative journey and indulge my passions. I have had a look at the list that I cam up with at the beginning of the year and have been referring to it often to fuel my inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. Until the time comes to make a decision about the next step forward, I have been quite happy to simply sit back, enjoy view, and wait for the voice inside to point me in the right direction. The days here have been beautiful – the lovely Scottish sun has made an appearance after many weeks of hiding, and with spring around the corner comes renewal and new beginnings.

I noticed that one of the PostADay topics a few days ago asked ‘ How do you find your Muse?’. This poses an interesting question, one which fascinates me, as for everybody this is so different. One of the things I love about the creative process is finding out what inspires other people – from famous writers and artists, to normal, ordinary people on extraordinary creative journeys. I love to read others’ blogs – whether about photography, art, writing, or simply daily life, it fills me with wonder that we are all unique, different, and have so much to offer the world and each other. Personally, how I find my muse, is surrounding myself with beauty and beautiful things. The glimpse of a majestic seagull against the brilliant blue of the sky, the dusky colours of sunset silhouetted against the mountain outside my window, a  burst of colour across a piece of art. Mozart. Vivaldi. The pan-pipes of South American Andean music. The brilliant yellow of the daffodils sitting on my vintage wooden dresser. The smell of my cinnamon incense mixing with the coolness of the air from my open window. The stack of books I have placed on my desk – the beauty of the written word, woven together to open up new worlds, the poetry of the word flowing across the pages. Moleskine notebooks filled with my ideas and drawings. My latest vision board hanging from a piece of ribbon, spinning slowly, depicting places, people, art . As I sit here now, I have an amazing view of the moon rising slowly over the hill, peeking slowly between wispy clouds, hanging suspended in the inky, clear night. These are all the things that help me to find my muse, to call him out of hiding ( yes, my muse is a him!) and whisper softly to me.

I was recently asked to choose one picture which would describe my inspiration in life right at this moment in time. The one I have chosen is this :

Photo courtesy: per original copyright at:

If you would like to share your thoughts on your muse, your creative process, or anything in-between, I would be more than happy to hear from you!


One Response to “Inspirations”

  1. Karyn @ kloppenmum March 24, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    I get inspiration when I turn my brain off…when doing automatic things, usually physical like walking or even housework. Ideas just pop into my head or problems with characters suddenly become clear. Otherwise it’s other people who inspire me – something they do or say triggers the process.

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