Top Ten Love Stories

16 Feb

Sorry this is a little late – it was written on Tuesday, but due to my internet connection dropping out last night, it has had to be a Wednesday-post-pretending-it’s-Tuesday post. Here are my Top Ten Love Stories, I hope I can be forgiven for making it Wednesday instead!

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

The love story between Elizabeth Bennett and Mark Darcy captured my attention during high school English Literature. And though I struggled with the book then, subsequent readings were a lot more enjoyable, and ignited  my own literary love for the pair.  And when I watched the BBC mini-series, with Colin Firth as Mark Darcy, that love was cemented in more ways than one.

2. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

A bit of a cliche, but still the best and original story of ill-fated love ever told. Great, intense characters, and the tragic ending always moves me. I won’t write too much about this one, as I’m sure it will feature on nearly everybody’s lists!

3. Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

Not the wholes series of course, cos that would be silly! But the romance between Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley. The ‘tension’ between these two builds and culminates through out the Harry Potter series, and I was so relieved to find out that yes, they do end up together happily ever after in the last book.

4. The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

The close relationship between Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee proves that ‘bro-mance’ was alive and kicking even way back then.

5. Bridget Jones’s Diary / The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy, a love story for the modern woman who has given up all hope of finding love, and when she goes, finds herself navigating a whole different set of issues which she’d never considered ( jealousy, anyone?) And I LOVE the movie adaptations, possibly even more than the books! A lot of that has to do with Mark Darcy, played again by the delectable Colin Firth ( he has managed to get two mentions in this blogpost!)

6. An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

This story is beautiful, centering around two musicians, Michael and the love of his life, Julia, who he lost and now whose love he is trying to reclaim, despite the fact she is now married and has a child. Other setbacks also abound to make the plot even more intense and dramatic. Told against the background of Schubert’s classical music compositions, it is a love story that pulled my heart strings in a way that not many novels do.

7. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw. I admit I didn’t immediately like this book when I first read it, but it has grown on me over the last few years, and I can now see it for what it is. It is tragic, like most literary love stories, but this one kills me when Catherine dies, leaving Heathcliff alone without ever realising their need to be a proper couple.

8.The Great Gatsby  by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is one of my favorite books, and the love between Daisy and Gatsby I used to dream about back in high school. I always get annoyed at the fact Daisy married Tom Buchanan just because of his ‘old money’ wealth and status, and not because of her true feelings for Gatsby. I have heard they are making a movie out of the book – in 3D. Call me a cynic, but here’s to the death of another classic novel.

9. The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

The story of unrequited love between the beautiful and gifted Christine, and the mysterious,elusive , and at times, scary Erik, a.k.a the Phantom of the Opera. This was always doomed from the start, and was never going to work. Tragic to the very end.

10. The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

This is one of those quirky romances tucked away between an even quirkier story you come across every once in while in those gems of classical novels. The Master is a tortured genius who pens a manuscript on the story of Christ and Pontus Pilate, and on the rejection of the novel, burns the manuscript and goes off the rails for while, so to speak. His faithful lover Margarita sticks by him and her belief in him, thus sparking a surreal and fantastic adventure for both her and her lover. Complete with Satan, a gun-toting demon cat, and a plethora of other colourful characters wrecking havoc in modern-day Russia, this is not an obvious love story, but one that I enjoyed nevertheless.


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