Funniest People!

26 Jan

I have realised I haven’t been following the PostADay topics for a few days now, and since I have a few minutes to spare this morning, I will post my thoughts on the funniest people ( in my opinion) in the world.

1. Michael McIntyre -British Comedian

I only really discovered Michael McIntyre since moving to the UK, but since seeing his brand of comedy on TV a few months ago, I only so much have to look at the man to find him amusing.

2. Mitchell and Webb – Peep Show

The two most hilarious men on British TV, Peep Show is a comedy category all of its own. Centering around the mundane lives of Mitchell and Webb’s characters, black humor and cringe-worthy situations guarantees to make me laugh.

3. The Office

I am a huge fan of both the original British series and it’s American counter-part – they could not be more different, but the dark humor of the British show, and the slap-stick toilet humor of the US version both seem to bring out different aspects of the characters and situations. Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell both play out their respective Michael Scott’s to perfection, and the same goes for the twisted, but somehow strangely loveable characters of Dwight Shrute. But admittedly, the US version does have the delish John Krasinski playing Jim Halpert ( who I’ve had a major crush on since the series began), so maybe the US version does have a (teeny-tiny)one -up on the British show.

4. My brother

I am going to add one more, and that goes to my lovely brother Alex. He is always guaranteed to make me laugh with some random comment, and can always seem to find the comic in the mundane and every-day. Always involved with some project or having discovered something new, his antics always seem to make my day a little brighter with him around.


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