Shhhhh….share a secret

11 Jan

Shhhh…it’s a secret. Not anymore. Not with Frank Warren’s PostSecret project, that is. What good timing that this topic came up as part of PostADay ( even if it’s not personally about me!),because I had been looking for an excuse to share about Post Secret, as it has become something of an obsession ( a good one!), and an inspiration of sorts to me in my life.

Post Secret is the brain-child of Frank Warren, who dreamt an incredibly lucid dream one night while travelling in Paris. He dreamt of a set of postcards he had bought that day, inscribed with messages of instruction and inspiration on the reverse, and when he woke up he took these post cards and tried to recreate what he had seen, as he had a strong feeling that this meant something very important. This was the beginning of what was to become his ‘reluctant oracle’ project, which consisted of 3 postcards, each bearing a different message for people find in public places, the last one ending with the invitation to ‘ Share a Secret’ anonymously. And from there the Post Secret project has grown, from dozens of secrets shared, to hundreds upon hundreds, pouring in through all the corners of the globe, and becoming something of a phenomenon. From the publication of books, to videos on YouTube, to coverage by the media, the word about Post Secret has spread, and keeps on spreading to reach an ever growing number of people wanting to get their inner-most secrets off their chests.

My love for Post Secret comes from the courage of these brave souls to admit their fears- their true feelings that many have never shared with another single soul – about situations, people, individual circumstances out of their control and sometimes within. I feel the beauty of the project is not so much about what you think you have to hide, but being able to admit the truth to yourself, about whatever that might be, and being able to confront it.There is much freedom to be found in that. If you want to find out more about Post Secret for, click on either image below.


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