Au Revoir 2010 – Bonjour 2011!

2 Jan

Ahhhh….2010! What a year, and what an opportunity, now that we have welcomed 2011, to reflect on the year that was, and the year that is to come. For me, personally, I never expected 2010 to hold what it did. I somehow managed to accomplish what I set out to do for myself, and am now faced with the task of coming up with a list of more accomplishments to be achieved this coming year.

Setting the goal of leaving my comfort zone, and leaving my country, my family friends, job, and study to relocate to the United Kingdom , has been the singularly biggest decision of my life. I managed to plan, book, and build up the courage to leave behind everything I have ever known, and take a massive leap of faith into uncharted waters. My travels took me to Chile, New York, London, Wales and many other places in between, before ending up in the city of my heart, Edinburgh, which I am currently choosing to call home. I can honestly say they have been the best times of my life. But then the real work was still in front of me. The task of finding a job, a home, some new mates, was enormous, and incredibly daunting at first, as I battled with understanding the language ( same-same, but very different!), the way of life and local culture, and the weather. Finally finding my feet, feeling settled, and knowing that I navigated my way through my own efforts, was a feeling so satisfying, now I look back and still can’t quite believe I somehow pulled it off. All in all, through all the highs, inevitable lows, and lessons learnt,  I made it through 2010, and here I am, at the beginning of 2011, looking down at the long road ahead, wondering what this precious year will hold.

So, it is with excitement and some nervous anticipation, that I have come up with my List-To-Aim-For. Whether I get there, or whether I don’t, whether I change the goal posts, or they shift themselves to take me to a better place, the process of reaching my goals for the year will be an adventure unto itself. One I look forward to with joy,courage, and hopefully, inspired confidence.

  • Sign up for and complete Matador Network’s Matador U Travel Writing / New Media course
  • Enrol and complete Blaze Online Creative Writing Program. I have been writing now for many years, and it is my life-blood. This year it’s time to make it official, hone the craft, and share it with others.
  • Post on this blog once a day for the next 363 days!
  • Travel. Frequently. Every month if possible, and at any opportunity if the wallet says ‘yes’! Am already planning a short visit to Europe in 12 days time – destination still unknown! And am going to the beautiful city of York at the end of January.
  • Plan a 3 month trip to the United States in 2012. Still a while away, but getting organised for this now will make it easier in the future.
  • Begin work on my first novel. The idea I have held for many months is finally taking shape!
  • Expand my ever changing literary tastes to include more poetry, plays, and books that really make me think about the person I was, the person I am, the person I aspire to be.
  • Take more photographs, and work seriously on my art – I am an illustrator at heart.
  • Look for and find a day job I actually enjoy doing, while allowing me enough freedom to pursue my creative side
  • Figure out who my real friends are – separate the thorns from the roses. This is always a tough one, but one I feel is necessary in order to grow as a person. Being surrounded by positive, supportive, and caring people.
  • Get healthy and reclaim my energy levels. Being a vegetarian and following a gluten-and wheat free diet isn’t easy, but coupled with sleep, exercise, and plenty of ‘me’ time, all I am aiming for is balance and happiness within myself.

So now that I have shared my goals and aspirations for the year with you all, I am hoping this blog will be one of may main incentives to keep myself going. I hope to be able to blog my progress throughout the year, and see where the many different paths take me. And to those of you on your own inspired journeys: ” All our dreams can come true, if we have courage to pursue them ” (Walt Disney).


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