A ‘factless autobiography’ – the story of our lives?

4 Nov

I was flicking through one of my notebooks today, and came across this quote by Fernando Pessoa from his masterpiece ‘ The Book of Disquiet ‘. Ever since I discovered this book, it has often given a new insight into the human condition – seen though his eyes and presented to us as his ‘factless autobiography’. That I took the time to write it out and think about it, has made me wonder – is this what we are? Are all of our stories, our journals, our diaries, our blogs, just the narration of our very own factless autobiographies? For in reality we say nothing new – it has all been said before, though we may present it from our own perspectives, even though they too have been done many times over.  And even if we did – would we really be understood by those we assume will relate to us? Do we really spend our lives painting pretty, and perhaps not so pretty, pictures of our feelings, our experiences, for the sake of doing so? A bleak concept perhaps, but definitely food for thought.

” I envy – but I’m not sure that I envy -those for whom a biography could be written, or who could write their own. In these random impressions, and with no desire to be other than random, I indifferently narrate my factless autobiography – my lifeless history. These are my confessions, and if in them I say nothing, it’s because I have nothing to say. What is there to confess that is worthwhile or useful? What has happened to us has happened to everyone, or only to us; if to everyone then it’s no novelty, and if only to us then it won’t be understood. What I confess is unimportant. I make landscapes out of what I feel. I make holidays of my sensations’ – Fernando Pessoa.


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