111 Things That Make Me Happy ( because I just couldn’t do 100)

26 Oct

Here are 111 things that make me happy! I know the title states 111 things, but it is a work in progress, as are many things in life – I’m sure that as time goes on, more and more things will be added, as I discover more and more things that bring joy and a smile to my face. I created this list during a period of self-doubt, but creating this list, and re-reading it often makes me smile and realise there are many things to be grateful for in life. Enjoy….and I hope this inspires you to perhaps create your own list too.

  1. Beethoven’s Symphony #9
  2. Being in the company of my little dog
  3. Sitting on the grass in my backyard with the sunshine on my face with a fresh breeze at my back and a bottle of cold water
  4. The smell of freshly cut grass
  5. Beautiful sunsets in summer
  6. Early morning dawn by the beach
  7. Smiling at a stranger
  8. Dancing the night away with friends and a mysterious stranger or two
  9. Kissing someone I love with passion and meaning and knowing the feeling is mutual
  10. Road-trips!
  11. Travelling –anywhere and everywhere-the destination is not important
  12. Sharing a random laugh with friends
  13. Finding the perfect pair of jeans
  14. Spending time with family- doing nothing, just talking
  15. Reading inspirational and curious books that take me by surprise
  16. Sky-high heels
  17. The elegance of pearl earrings and diamonds
  18. Browsing quaint bookstores on lazy Sunday afternoons
  19. Fruit salad with strawberries, mango, and blueberries
  20. Watching mindless, random, but side-splittingly funny comedy
  21. Comtemplating life in Princes Street Gardens
  22. Elephants
  23. Girly D&M’s
  24. Sleeping in on cold winter mornings and being snuggly under the covers
  25. Hugs
  26. My baby niece Taliya
  27. Taking the perfect photo
  28. Yoga –being at one with my body
  29. Praying to God and knowing by faith He hears the petitions of my heart
  30. Candle light
  31. Staring at clouds and imagining their different shapes
  32. The feeling of silk on my skin
  33. Going for a run and feeling the wind in my hair
  34. Walking around the art gallery or museum soaking up culture
  35. Andrea Boccelli
  36. Helping a homeless person in need
  37. The scent of vanilla
  38. Contemplating the beauty of the miniature world
  39. Karoke nights!
  40. Chocolate cupcakes
  41. Swimming on a hot day
  42. Cooking
  43. Love
  44. Gerard Butler in the Phantom of the Opera
  45. Taking personality quizzes to find out more about myself
  46. Bush flower essences
  47. Having the strength to say no
  48. Books!
  49. Riding the scary Ferris Wheel with someone special –just the two of us
  50. Listening to the song of birds
  51. Blowing a dandelion into the wind
  52. Shooting stars
  53. Exploring interesting, isolated places on my own
  54. Walking out of a salon with freshly coloured and styled hair
  55. Red Lipstick
  56. Eating a wickedly delicious meal of whatever I want
  57. Listening to other’s perspectives and experiences
  58. New ideas! And being inspired by them
  59. Learning something new that I didn’t know before
  60. Being spontaneous!
  61. My mother
  62. Drinking a warm cup of herbal tea
  63. Knowing I have the ability to love and be loved
  64. Doing absolutely nothing at all –just me and my thoughts
  65. Posing for silly photos with friends
  66. Summer thunderstorms
  67. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham
  68. My inner strength
  69. Graffiti Art
  70. Christmas Eve with my family
  71. Buying presents for my loved ones and seeing their faces when they open them beause you know its just what they wanted
  72. Wrapping a present for a poor child and leaving it under the Wishing Tree
  73. Playing card games and winning!
  74. Seeing my dog’s expression once he has gone for walkies –priceless
  75. Walking through powder-white sand
  76. Sketching in my little notebook -even if no one sees them
  77. Meeting someone new and having an instant connection
  78. 80’s music
  79. Bear-hugging someone from behind, especially when they least expect it
  80. The scent of D&G He on him
  81. Chocolate covered Strawberries
  82. Doggy Kisses
  83. 5.00pm on a Friday afternoon!
  84. Sunflowers
  85. Knowing I have my freedom
  86. Figuring out a complex problem all on my own
  87. Having hope, always
  88. Listening to soppy love songs when know one else is around
  89. Doing random little dances for no reason
  90. Crunching on ice cubes
  91. Acceptance
  92. Feeling like I’m part of something bigger than my little existence
  93. Reading travel guides and magazines and dreaming my life away
  94. Knowing I had the strength and courage to do something for myself and leave my home country in search of a new adventure
  95. Re-discovering old childhood favourite books
  96. My secret Peter Pan complex – never wanting to grow up
  97. Writing – my journal is my saviour, my stories are my therapy
  98. Bonfires by the beach with a good glass of wine in hand
  99. Bonding with someone special
  100. Random conversations with people you never thought you’d meet
  101. Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca
  102. Writing in my Moleskine notebooks – the satisfaction of seeing pages and pages of my own handwriting,
  103. Grid Glasses in bright colours
  104. Lazing in front of the fireplace
  105. Seeing moonlight stream through my window at night, and sunlight first thing in the morning
  106. Knowing I had a happy and safe childhood
  107. Special memories
  108. Spending hours writing, reading, and drinking tea at The Elephant House
  109. Wandering around antique markets
  110. Vintage chairs and birdcages
  111. Crunching autumn leaves as I walk through the park

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