The Gilded Cage

25 Oct


The bird did sing with joyful voice
inside his gilded cage
he trilled and thrilled with happiness
forever and an age

I contemplated little bird
each day as I walked by
wondered why his joy profound
yet locked up in a cage

I thought about it quite awhile
and then the light did shine
he never saw that he was caged
for him his life was fine

The cage for him was his dear world
the one where he was free
in truth it was his state of mind
which allowed him just to be

With grateful heart this little bird
did sing each day with glee
his gilded cage protected him
yet in it he was free

What a joy to watch his life
each day as I walked by
one morning then this little bird
I saw that he did die

My heart was sad but soon I saw
his job on earth was done
and now he’d gone to places high
his victory had been won

I bless this little bird of mine
who shone the light of day
upon this heart and soul of mine
in truth he was the way

©Elizabeth A Feisst 2006


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